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SPRINKS Edible Food Pen Set - PASTEL PACK (Pack of 6)

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SPRINKS Edible Food Pen Set - PASTEL PACK (Pack of 6)

These 6 double-sided felt tip edible food markers are high quality, made with edible ink from Italy

Perfect to write and draw on sugar pastes, white chocolate, meringues, glazed cookies, hard cheeses, bread, fruit and hard icings. 

Set includes:

  • 1 x Dual Tip YELLOW pen
  • 1 x Dual Tip PINK pen
  • 1 x Dual Tip GREEN pen
  • 1 x Dual Tip BLUE pen
  • 1 x Dual Tip PURPLE pen
  • 1 x Dual Tip BLACK pen

Use the fine tip to write and draw, and use the thicker brush tip to fill in colour smoothly and perfectly just like a brush. 

The set you described consists of six double-sided felt tip edible food markers made with high-quality edible ink from Italy. These markers are versatile and can be used for decorating various edible items. Here's a breakdown of the set:
  1. 1 x Dual Tip YELLOW Pen
  2. 1 x Dual Tip PINK Pen
  3. 1 x Dual Tip GREEN Pen
  4. 1 x Dual Tip BLUE Pen
  5. 1 x Dual Tip PURPLE Pen
  6. 1 x Dual Tip BLACK Pen
Each pen in the set has two tips: a fine tip and a thicker brush tip. Here's how you can use them:
  • Fine Tip: The fine tip is perfect for precise writing and drawing on edible surfaces. You can use it to create intricate designs, write messages, or draw detailed patterns.
  • Thicker Brush Tip: The thicker brush tip is designed to fill in colors smoothly and evenly, just like using a paintbrush. It allows you to cover larger areas and add bold strokes to your decorations.
The edible food markers are suitable for use on a wide range of edible surfaces, including:
  • Sugar pastes (fondant or gum paste): Decorate cakes and cupcakes covered with fondant or gum paste with beautiful designs using the markers.
  • White chocolate: Personalize chocolate-covered treats with colorful drawings or messages.
  • Meringues: Add artistic touches to meringue cookies or pavlovas by using the markers to draw on them.
  • Glazed cookies: Create fun and creative designs on glazed cookies using the various colors available in the set.
  • Hard cheeses: Label or add decorative patterns to certain hard cheeses for an appealing presentation.
  • Bread: Personalize sandwiches or add artistic touches to bread-based dishes with edible drawings or messages.
  • Fruit: Enhance the presentation of fruit platters by adding edible drawings or messages on the fruits.
  • Hard icings: Use the fine details you can achieve with these markers to decorate cakes, cupcakes, and other baked goods with hard icings.
These markers are a fantastic tool for anyone who enjoys decorating their culinary creations with edible designs. Remember to shake the markers gently before use to ensure the ink is well-mixed, and apply gentle pressure when using the fine tip to avoid damaging it or the surface you're working on.





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