About Us

BakeGroup brings together 20 years of experience in the baking and retailing industry to provide business with quality products in this ever growing and popular industry.

BakeGroup Pty Ltd is soley a wholesale company supplying and distributing products to retailers, e-tailers and other commercial businesses. If you would like to purchase any of the BakeGroup products please see our list of resellers. 

Become a BakeGroup partner

To become a registered BakeGroup account holder, please fill in the application form.

All account applications will be assessed and responded to within 48 hours. Account holders can access pricing and ordering on our website.

Please note an opening order of $300 is required to start your account as a reseller, and $1.000 if you are an end user of our products (i.e. bakers, caterers or kitchens).

Payments are by direct deposit only. Payment information is provided at checkout when an order is placed.



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