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About Us

Bake Group represented by the SPRINKS, Papyrus, Coo-kie and Cake & Candle family of brands, is a purpose-driven organization with a clear mission: to create unforgettable products, services, solutions, and careers that bring brighter moments to life's most precious occasions. Our core values are ingrained in everything we do, guiding our actions and decisions across all levels of our organization.

Bake Group is a vertically integrated group with expertise in design, manufacturing, sourcing, wholesaling, distributing, and retailing baking products and services on a global scale. Our commitment to sustainability, investment in cutting-edge technology, and purpose-driven team sets us apart as industry leaders.

Key aspects of the Bake Group include:

Wholesale Operations:  Bake Group serves the needs and demands of our long-standing wholesale customer base. We have strong relationships with major blue-chip multiples and retailers in various cities and countries. Our wholesale offering includes a world-class product portfolio, two distribution centers, two commercial offices, bespoke design services, and expedited delivery service. 

Global Reach: Bake Group is a global, vertically integrated baking product powerhouse. With the capability to design, manufacture, and source products to meet consumer demand rapidly, we continuously set high standards within our industry.

Extensive Product Portfolio: Bake Group offers over 4000 innovative products, including baking supplies, decorating supplies, candles, paperware, and more. We prioritize providing cutting-edge products with unmatched speed to market, ensuring our customers have access to the latest trends.

Heritage and Growth: Bake Group's journey began as a small-scale operation in Brisbane, starting from humble family beginnings. Today, we have grown into one of the world's leading designers, manufacturers, and distributors of baking and decorating supplies, candles, and paperware. We now serve over 650 retail outlets from two large distribution centers in Australia.

Bake Group aims to make a positive difference by inspiring creativity and creating lasting memories for people. Our commitment to sustainability, social impact, and bringing joy to more people reflects in our purpose and values, making us a sought-after organization in the creative baking industry.



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